Tips On Medical Products

We being the principal Medical Equipments supplier in India keep our selves updated with the latest technology to offer our clients the best we can.

These products, we manufacture, are designed by the expert professionals and are composed of the finest raw materials & components and are based on the contemporary technology. Our products are also quality tested and verified (Meditek). Hence they offer more brilliant features as compared to other brands in the market. They offer high durability, reliability, precision, sturdiness and excellent functionality. They need minimal or zero maintenance depending on the type of the product.

We are also one of the most eminent Syringe pump Manufacturer and supplier in India. We supply them in the cities of India such as Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Jaipur. They are widely used in the hospitals, nursing homes and clinics for potent drug infusions ( They are compatible with syringes of different volumes and sizes as well as brands. Since they are based on the latest technology, they offer excellent features such as easy installment, user-friendliness, high precision etc. This light weight and efficient equipment has built-in pressure detection device, Pressure release functionality in case of occlusion, Anti-reverse feature to put off upstream. It also has an Audio and visual alarm in case of occlusion, loose-fitting syringe, erroneous setting etc.

We offer our products in diverse sizes and specifications. Some of them such as wheel chair, hospital bed and emergency stretcher can be customized precisely as needed by the clients. They are made with very robust materials of supreme grade to bear weights and function for long life ( They are also easy to handle and move with no noise and are perfect for hospital environment.

Accuracy is the main positive aspect of our digital & monitoring products. They are calibrated by experts so that the readings are not deceiving and very clear-cut. Our Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic and can be used by non-professionals as well for their daily blood pressure monitoring.

Hence medical practitioners, doctors and wellness experts throughout the country trust on our products for their profession. Despite of these many features and quality our products are reasonably priced. We offer excellent after sales-service carried out by experts, when required with no unnecessary delay