Medical Products

There are many manufacturers of precision injection molds and other essential components. They specialize in multi – cavity syringe, needle shields and Disposable Extension Tube.

A three-way stopcock can handle pressure upto 4.5 bar. These are flexible enough to 360 degree and the arrows in the device indicate direction of flow of fluid of rotating male luer and the female luer connectors. These are used mainly for accurate administration of drug.

It is attached in such a way that one cock is at one end of male luer lock and connector would be at the other end. These have soft, frosted and resistant PVC tube with a definite external and internal diameter, length, etc. The disposable tubes and plugs should eliminate any kind of motion by putting the mixture at your fingertips.

The device has pressure-monitoring line and it is made of clear and non – toxic PVC. The Exporter of Medical Disposable Extension Tube ensures that there is optimum dynamic response.

These are highly resistant, latex free, sterile and non-pyrogenic. They usually have expertise in providing superior quality of disposable extension tube to the customers.

You should always focus on getting best quality of product that is produced by an anesthesia machine. It is used for anesthetizing and using oxygen as an input for surgery patients. An intra operative irrigation device can be used for disposable syringes and an extension tube.